Düşler Vadisi

Düşler Vadisi
Beykoz, İstanbul (Asian Side)/ Turkey
Under Construction $210,000 Starting From - Residential, Villa
152 Min. Gross sqm 396 Max. Gross sqm Expected Completion Year 2023

Valley of Dreams!

The refreshing and natural atmosphere of Riva will make you feel like you are living in a dream.

Living in a nice little coastal village. Growing old while enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer.  With growing interest towards natural living areas, Riva has become the most attractive part of Istanbul thanks to the Riva Creek, Riva Castle, and the unspoiled forest lands that offer fresh air.

One Step Away From The City..

Our valley is located the same distance to all three airports, including the new one. You can choose whichever you want. You are close to the city, but away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. Both the city and nature are located right at your feet.

Eat Naturally By Growing Your Own Food..

The valley also includes arable lands, where you can plant seeds, cultivate plants, and enjoy the delicious taste of your crops that you harvest working hand in hand with nature.

Swimming In A Bright Colored Lagoon..

A lake where you can enjoy the warm feeling of sand and explore the hidden treasures of life. Right across from your villa.

Engage In Sports Activities In Nature..

And sports. The key to live a sustainable and healthy life. The greatest way of being one with nature. You can enjoy all kinds of sports activities in the fields surrounding the valley. You can play or do all kinds of sports including basketball, table tennis, tennis, archery and so on.

Alongside A Biological Pond..

Taking inspiration from the motto: “Water Is Life”, we wanted to offer you a living space filled with bodies of water. So, we designed a biological pond that complements the lagoon. There will be piers, walkways and orchards around the pond.

Social Life..

Breathing in the smell of freshly planted fruits and vegetables and enjoying their fresh harvest in Riva. You recognize how delightful life actually is once you taste the fresh fish served at the seafood restaurants alongside the coastline.

Additional Details

  • Housing Types: 1+1 Duplex, 2+1 Duplex, 3+1 Duplex
  • Private Security: 24/7
  • Indoor Home Security: Door Entry Intercom System
  • Landscaping: Recreational Areas, Sports Areas, Biological Pond
  • Parents' Bathroom: For 1+1 Duplex, 2+1 Duplex, 3+1 Duplex
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge: 15 min
  • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge: 6 min
  • July 15 Martyrs' Bridge: 25 min
  • Green Area: 80%

Floor Plans

1+1 Dublex Floor Plan

2+1 Dublex Floor Plan

3+1 Dublex Floor Plan

Property Map

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